Does your roof look discoloured or dirty? Chances are that it is mold. Mold is a sign of bigger issues with your roof ventilation. Often your house is ventilated into your roof cavity, but your roof cavity itself is not ventilated. There are many signs that there are problems, including mold on your roof or discolouration coming from under the ridge capping.

Fortunately there is an easy and economical way to fix this…. whirlybirds. (Insulation blankets should be part of your ideal ventilation solution… more on that another time). Every home should have proper ventilation for the health of their roof, home and family.

Inevitably with the Australian climate, heat and or moisture ends up in your roof cavity causing everything from mold, fungus and mildew forming in your ceiling or on your roof. Wood rot can also form due to the excessive moisture and heat. These issues have been linked to increased asthma and allergies.

A whirlybird is a cylindrical dome that spins in the wind, creating a vacuum which extracts warm air from the roof cavity, protecting your house and family. Whirlybirds are cheap and require little to no maintenance once installed. There are other options such as solar powered ventilation systems if your budget is bigger and these have their own advantages and disadvantages.

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