It’s spring time again & as we do every year we tackle those outside jobs that need doing.

One job that never seems to go away is cleaning the debris out of the gutters. So it’s once again up that rickety ladder to tackle the nasties that have accumulated there.

Guttermesh has a solution that will keep you off those rickety ladders forever.

Install Guttermesh gutter guard not only to stop those leaves from clogging your gutters, but to also prevent birds & vermin from entering your roof space.

Guttermesh gutter guard is excellent in bush fire areas as it has a zero ignitibility index, tested by the CSIRO.

It is UV-resistant & suitable for all weather conditions.

If you’re on tank water, you can be assured that you will have cleaner water flowing into your tank.

And as the water flows through your gutters & not get caught up in the debris, you will find that your mosquito problem will also be reduced.

Guttermesh gutter guard is available in either Aluminium or Stainless Steel & can be painted to any Colourbond colour for both metal & tile roofs.

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And remember Guttermesh gutter guard, gives you “Clean gutters…Guaranteed!”