Storm Safety and Fire Protection are the two most serious threats to our biggest investment, our family home.

The old “she’ll be right, it won’t happen to us” attitude is a risky one. These days we are all being pro-active and doing everything we can to protect our homes and families from the impacts of Storm and Fire damage.

The last thing you need is to have to call the SES in the middle of the night during a fire or a storm whilst your house is under attack from either embers or water.

The number one action that you can take to physically help your home keep you safe is to keep your gutters clean of debris through the storm and bushfire seasons.

There are many different gutter guard products on the market. “GutterMesh” or Gutter-Mesh” gutter guard is the number one Australian made fine aperture gutter guard product on the market.

What should you be looking for in a gutter guard?

Fine Aperture – The smaller the holes the less amount of debris that will be able to get through and it wont allow debris to get caught and then bank up the roof, instead it sits on top of the mesh and easily blows off when it is dry. Over time debris will build up and in some cases where the aperture is large, will fill the gutter preventing water from escaping in a severe storm and ultimately causing damage to your home.

Easy to Clean – All gutter guard products require cleaning, the larger the aperture the more often. Many of these products are screwed in and need to be unscrewed and dismantled in order to clean your gutters. With GutterMesh you can clean your gutters without removing the mesh.

Fire Rating – The highest fire rating you can get is “0” which is suitable for BAL40 and Flame Zone. Many products such as plastic based gutter guards may have a fire retardant in them, but they will still catch fire and melt in extreme heat and ultimately be ineffective against ember attacks.

Screwing into the roof – By far the majority of gutter protection systems involve screwing into your roof and gutter. When these are installed the hot filings burn themselves into the bottom of the gutter and become the first points where rust forms and corrodes your gutters (so whilst claiming to prolong the life of your gutters, these systems will in fact shorten the life of your gutters). “Guttermesh” gutter guard adheres to the roof and gutter with an industrial tape that has been used in spaceships and satellites and is designed to last in the fiercest of conditions. GutterMesh also supplies and installs the screw-in system if that is what the customer wants.

Why “Guttermesh”.

1.            The original and the best

2.            Australian made, up to 15 years warranty

3.            The finest aperture on the market, lets the least amount of debris into your gutters

2.            Easy to clean using just a garden hose

3.            Fire rating of “0”, the highest fire rating available

4.            No screwing/drilling into your roof or gutter and therefore no rust

5.            This is all “Guttermesh” do, they are the professionals and experts in gutter protection

6.            Locally manufactured and Australian owned

Guttermesh is the answer to your bushfire and storm damage control problems.