GutterMesh uses an adhesive system with a fine aperture mesh that runs seamlessly from your roof to the outside lip of the gutter, no extra drilling into the roof sheeting or gutters, causing unnecessary corrosion or rust points and no unsightly attachments that allow leaves to get caught on. All gutter mesh products are secured with self-adhesive tape and adhesive sealants accompanied with primers for maximum performance.

For tiled roofs the mesh runs seamlessly from the bottom of the second row of tiles to the lip of the gutter, allowing nothing for leaves to get under or caught on.

For metal roofs it attaches from the roof itself below the first row of screws to the lip of the gutter, without any open seams that leaves can get under or caught on. Being a fine aperture mesh, 1.2mm holes (the finest on the market), it keeps all the leaves and debris out of the gutter.