1. Does the adhesive tape last?
    Yes, absolutely, we provide a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 15 years which includes the adhesive tape.
  2. Can GutterMesh be applied to a bullnose roof?
    Certainly GutterMesh is a very versatile product which we can manufacture to a variety of widths and lengths which makes it ideal for almost all roof types including bullnose.
  3. Does your mesh come in other colours?
    Our mesh is the only product in Australia that can be colour matched to all roof colours including the full range of Colorbond colours and all roof tile colours. We use an agricultural enamel paint applied with a high pressure paint gun. This makes a very high quality product that is almost invisible as it blends in with your roof colour and is hardly noticeable from street level.
  4. Do I still have to clean out my gutters after getting GutterMesh?
    Both yes and no. You will no longer need to remove leaves and debris from your gutter, however a small amount of silt over a long time will pass through the mesh. This can easily be removed every one to two years with your garden hose. The days of hours worth of work cleaning your gutters will be over.
  5. Can the mesh be cut to any size?
    Yes, we do provide various widths up to 1500mm depending on the profile of different jobs. You can call and request a size to be cut specifically for your job.