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GutterMesh Gutter Guards

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    What is GutterMesh?

    Are you tired of climbing ladders to clean your gutters? Do you want to protect your home and foundation from water damage? Are you looking for a way to prevent pests and birds from infesting your gutters?

    GutterMesh is a maintenance-free solution that offers robust protection for your gutters. There’s no need for drilling or riveting, which means no rust points on your roof or gutters. It’s a simple, effective way to extend the lifespan of your gutters and live life leaf free.

    Why Choose GutterMesh Gutter Guard?

    • Enhanced Home Protection: Our gutter guard system helps protect your home from water damage and prevents pests and birds from nesting in your gutters.
    • Bushfire Protection: GutterMesh improves the bushfire protection of your home, a critical feature in bushfire-prone areas.
    • Durability and Warranty: Our product is UV-resistant, suitable for all weather conditions, and comes with a 15-year warranty.
    • Colour Matching: We can match all Colorbond® Colours and all roof tile colour ranges, ensuring a seamless look for your home.
    • Easy Installation: GutterMesh is easy to install yourself, or you can opt for professional installation.

    GutterMesh Roof Restoration & Repair

    Roof restoration is a vital part of home maintenance. GutterMesh offers a range of services including roof repairs, restoration, leak detection, and gutter repairs. Roof repairs address issues like broken tiles and weather damage, maintaining your home’s structural integrity.

    Roof restoration involves rejuvenating your roof, extending its lifespan and enhancing your home’s appeal. GutterMesh’s expert team handles this process meticulously, from cleaning and repairing to re-sealing and re-painting.

    Leak detection is crucial to prevent water damage and mold growth. GutterMesh uses advanced techniques to locate and repair leaks efficiently.

    Gutter repairs ensure your home’s drainage system functions correctly, preventing potential water damage. GutterMesh can repair or replace damaged gutters, ensuring effective rainwater management.

    GutterMesh Roof Restoration provides comprehensive, quality services for your roofing needs. 

    Don’t let roof issues become major problems. Contact GutteMesh today for a free measure and quote from from a professional roofer, and ensure your home remains safe and secure.

    GutterMesh for Tiles and Colorbond

    Whether you have a tiled roof or a Colorbond roof, we have a solution for you. Our GutterMesh for tiles and Colorbond is an Aluminium or Stainless Steel Mesh that adheres to the lip of the gutter and runs seamlessly from your roof down to the lip of the gutter. It’s painted with the highest quality agricultural enamel paint, providing two layers of protective coating against the elements.

    How Does GutterMesh Work?

    GutterMesh (you may know it as Gutter Guards or Leaf Guards) uses an adhesive system on saddles and trims, with a fine aperture mesh that runs seamlessly from your roof to the outside lip of the gutter. For tiled roofs, the mesh runs from the bottom of the second row of tiles to the lip of the gutter. For metal roofs, it attaches from the roof itself below the first row of screws to the lip of the gutter. Being a fine aperture mesh, it keeps all the leaves and debris out of the gutter.